Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TaketheGlobe Scammed Us

I guess it was too good to be true, a PTC which I had confidence in turned out to be one of the biggest scams I had been involved with. Just like DailyClicks an old PTC, they built up a memberbase once they seemed to get the bigger payers, the owner made one last excuse then vanished.

It is hard to be loyal when the owner is being disloyal to everyone.

TaketheGlobe literally made me give up on clicking ads, it was one of the final straws. I will over time get rid of their reviews along with practically all links to PTC sites.

Friday, February 13, 2009

TaketheGlobe has a rough road ahead

TTG has long been closed down, I thought I'd keep this here as a reference

TTG or TaketheGlobe has been a real good PTC for me, this is a fact. The stand out feature of the site isn't just the earnings but it is run by an admin whom has kept all it's members informed of the progress and the problems that it has been happening.

The test of a person is what they do when problems arise, those whom quit will continue to do this in thier life, whereas those that ride the rough waves and come out the other side are labelled as heroes.

Last year, Bryan and his family went through a massive wave which almost cost him something more than his PTC site, that is, the life of himself and his family. When he finally got back from a doomed trip he had found a member had ripped him off at TTG when they reversed $6,000 of advertising.

To compound matters, V2 of TTG ran into problems when he hired PHP Coders which didn't have it in them to do the job properly. So the expense of hiring them ate into profits, and now he has to hire even more coders to fix up a mess which was not his doing.

For a short time, there was hope when he thought he had a major investor, only for the bad news that they decided to bail out at the last moment and so talks are in session with other potential investors.

More information has been revealed regarding V2 of TTG, such as Instant CashOuts for Upgraded Members and Rented Referrals. I guess what I'm waiting for is the release of V2 because it is a signal that all things are heading in the right direction.

Income from the features V2 has will provide a massive amount of income for Bryan because he will be introducing income streams which have proven to be successful at other Get paid To Sites. It will definitely bring financial stability to the site and that's the real key of TaketheGlobe.

The admin is looking for a long term solution, he's not going to forget Free Members which is something I hate about other PTC sites which have been put in the same boat. I am more keen to see the release of V2, but for now, waves are getting higher, so grab your board and let's surf those puppies.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

When things go bump in the night

Last month was for most parts bumpy, some of the new sites I had signed up to decided to pack thier bags and leave town. It was pretty typical of the PTC scene and was a sad reminder of how shakey it is to earn money from clicking ads.

The standout site was NeoBux, I was able to cash out $12 which I really need to post proof at some stage. It allowed me to buy a month membership for Rapidshare which I've used daily grabbing some of the latest television episodes which I can't get in New Zealand.

I guess the word of the moment is perserverance, to ride out the hard times and hope that another "NeoBux" site will emerge. In the meantime, low earning sites like ClickSia has been doing fine, it's slow earnings but at least it is a stable PTC. AdverBux seems to be ticking over nicely.

TaketheGlobe has been running into some troubles with V2 of their site, thier initial backer for some odd reason decided not to invest. The site seems to be in limbo, we're all waiting until the launch of V2. The best thing about the site is that the admin has been keeping us informed of the progress, so it still is my preferred PTC by a huge margin.

Perserverance, a nice sounding word but one which requires much patience, and so we wait, while the days roll by. Perhaps it may be time to test out some new PTC sites that have been popping up, or maybe I should keep to those low earning PTC sites which are more stable.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bux3, bought 10,000 ad links got 808 hits

Talk about getting ripped off, seems really scammy that I got a fraction of the hits from my advertising at that site. I thought at least I would get value for money. I guess I can kiss the $221 I have left in the account goodbye.

It's been such a bad experience at Bux3, once a promising paying site, that I'm just going to have to convert the last of my money into more advertising.

The Bux3 Archive shows the ad expired with 10,000 hits
The E-Referrer module for my blog shows only 808 hits
And my Expert Counter shows there were 4,000+ hits yesterday

Ahhhh Well, I'll convert the last of my money into 10,000 hits for another PTC Site then I'll likely dump the PTC forever

Adverbux has a nice number of ads

Adverbux has been around for some time now. It has survived the Paypal lock out of admins of Paid to Click Ads sites. Admins from now scam sites used to accuse AdverBux of many things, but the truth was revealed when AdverBux lasted and thier PTC sites failed.

It hasn't been caught up in the hype of lower payments, so the $10 cashout remains, as does thier impressive record of payments over that time they have been up.

There are at least 10 Ads a day at the site, and recently they have included Adult Advertising which I think is a good move considering that is one of the biggest industries on the Internet.

So if you are looking for a stable, well recognised Get Paid to Click Ads site, then Adverbux is the place you want to be

Sunday, January 11, 2009

MacoBux scams to Ads Only

Well this doesn't really come as a surprise, the site has had ad problems where members couldn't view any. Here's the e-mail from the admin..

hello members, macobux is going to change some things...
I can't pay members because there wasn't any purchase over 1 AND 1/2 MONTH so i decided remake macobux to only advertising company. I feel sorry for this but there is no way for me.

Hope you understand it. Thank you.

Also I would to recommend you this awesome new PTC which offer you premium if you will join there untill 10.000 members reached(at the moment is there over 7260 members registered) - site is still in prelaunch. check news section on their forum. It's not regular PTC, check it and you will know it.

Thank you.

Macobux Team

Take not of the part which says, I can't pay members because there wasn't any purchase over 1 AND 1/2 MONTH. This means that the site was putting up ads which was costing the owner and one of the reasons decent PTC sites go from paying to a get paid to click ads scam site.

Most of us would prefer to be paid from a site, we've seen enough PTC Scam Sites and are just hoping that there would be a few more paying sites. While it is good that the admin is keeping the site as an Ads only site, the truth is, people lost REAL MONEY when making purchases from the site.

I will probably not click at the site because I prefer to use Traffic Exchanges where you get better value for your clicking. The site really didn't last that long, so t's goodbye MacoBux

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Is 247Bux a scam?

247Bux is a reasonably decent PTC site that has paid members and will continue to do so, but let us take a closer look at the site in this little 247Bux Preview

Unsustainable PTC Site
No matter which way you look at it, when your advertising revenue is not going to cover the expense you're paying to Standard Members, then your site is screwed. Currently, 247Bux is charging a low $6.95 for 1,000 ad links which is a good thing for advertisers. However the site pays $10.00 to standard members for viewing those 1,000 ad links, which means for every 1,000 Ads, the site is losing the minimum of $3.05.

No money for Referrals and Upgraded Members
Most people are under the illusion that a PTC site can function when members purchase Referrals and Upgrades from a site, but the problem is. If the site is struggling to finance thier Standard Members, where will they get the money for members that purchase from the site? Revenue from Sales of Referrals and Upgrades will not last long, and with 247Bux, that is already losing money, this isn't a good sign.

Click on a certain amount of Ads to be paid
Now there is nothing wrong with requiring members to click a certain amount of ads before they will get paid when it is something already stated before a member joins. However there is something seriously screwed up when a PTC site decides that's the way they should go while the site is already been online for a few months.

Instant Paying Premium Members only
NeoBux doesn't need to do it, it pays all members instantly, so why do other sites think they can get away with it? In short, the site is struggling for advertising revenue, so they must promote Upgraded Membership to get money, it is called a Ponzi Scheme. This seems to be a common scam that PTC sites use when they have low advertising prices, or have too many ads that the admin has put up. While it is a benefit to upgraded members, I personally wouldn't upgrade on any site where thier advertising revenue is not going to be enough to pay standard members.

What the hell? Invest then lose Referrals?
Who on earth thought of that scammy rule? It shouldn't matter how much profit a person makes at a PTC, but to penalise them for making that profit is complete stupidity. Members that are purchasing from a PTC Site should expect a decent return with no added strings, BUT we've seen sites like IsabelMarco pulling the same excuse regarding "profit" and deleting referrals.

IndyMom will can invest more 4 times after that she will change to platinum, it's make her referrals gone and she will earn 0.1$ per click and etc. ( All of rules and conditions will show on TOS soon, i'm still create it.) - Admin, 247Bux

Promises to pay standard members
With the new "clicking a certain amount of ads" rule, this should give 247Bux the chance at getting money to pay standard members which is an excellent thing. But will the site be able to last over the long period doing the same? Absolutely not, eventually it will turn out like IsabelMarco which pays only Upgraded Members. Or like a Mike Pratt site like Earn3 which has the daily limit cashout scam.

Conclusion: Is 247Bux a scam?
Since it is continuing to pay members, the site is functioning below the scam radar. However it is certain that if the admin continues to underfund thier account by low advertsing, the site is destined to join many similar scams that have low advertising prices.

With it's new investment rule, the site is not worth investing in, actually the site being unsustainable is the reason you should stay clear. You can take the chance with this site if you choose.

OsoBux had some wierd page

What a wierd page I got when trying to view OsoBux, it look all strange to me. It had all these jumbled letters and no links of any kind. Let's hope that the situation is fixed quickly

MacoBux has an Ad Problem

Well I can't seem to click any ads at MacoBux, it's been like that for a week now so something is going wrong at that site. I've tried using Firefox 3 which was suggested by the Admin at thier Forums but that doesn't seem to work either. So I'm nt sure what I will do

Friday, January 9, 2009

PPClix was down for a few hours

PPClix was down earlier when I tried to log on, but it looks like the site is up and running. I'm not sure if it was there or not but I did notice that you can only earn from referral clicks if you click ads as well. The server is really slow though, let's hope it improves in speed