Friday, January 2, 2009

TaketheGlobe Review, Simply the Best Paid to Click Ads Site

Man that blew, this was once of the best PTC sites for me, I would have been grinning at the money I was going to make, instead I'm crying at the lost opportunity. Faith and Loyalty are 2 words that seem to be hard to achieve by a majority of PTC owners. Ahhhh weellll that part of the journey is over.

My TaketheGlobe Statistics, Join today to start making money

Script: Original
Standard Clicks: $0.005
Standard Referral Commission: $0.0025
Upgraded Clicks: $0.010
Upgraded Referral Commission: $0.050

Payment Processors: AlertPay
Payouts: Queued
Standard CashOut Minimum: $10.00

TaketheGlobe News
17 Mar 2008 - I join TTG
02 May 2008 Paid - $10.69
26 May 2008 Paid - $31.61
26 May 2008 Upgraded Membership for a year $39.99
02 Jun 2008 Paid - $10.33
06 Jun 2008 Paid - $11.00
11 Jun 2008 Paid - $10.13
14 Jun 2008 Paid - $10.93
17 Jun 2008 Paid - $10.32
19 Jun 2008 Paid - $10.81
25 Jun 2008 Paid - $22.82
25 Jun 2008 Purchased 50 Referrals - $64.99
07 Jul 2008 Paid - $32.58
15 Jul 2008 Paid - $39.81
15 Jul 2008 Purchased 50 referrals - $64.99
25 Jul 2008 Paid - $20.55
25 Jul 2008 Purchased 20 Referrals - $25.99
07 Aug 2008 Paid - $53.08
07 Aug 2008 Purchased 50 Referrals - $64.99
07 Aug 2008 Given 50 Free Referrals
07 Sep 2008 Paid - $103.69
22 Oct 2008 Paid - $366.46
12 Dec 2008 Bryan, TTG's admin, his family and neighbours in a Truck Roll
17 Dec 2008 Bryan arrives home safely
21 Dec 2008 V2 of TTG implemented site is down
02 Jan 2008 TTG returns still using V1

Overall Impression - 10/10
TaketheGlobe.Com has been easily the best Paid to Click Site I have been a member of since starting this last year. I've wanted to do a review of the site, but you've seen how I tend to jinx myself with reviews.


I have been paid 15 times from the site since I joined on March 18th 2008. At that time the site was one of the few sites to offer $0.005, a fish out of water since other sites were offering a cent a click. It featured around 20 Advertisements at the time, so an earning of $0.10 was even better than 90% of the get paid to click sites offering that cent.

Slowly but surely the site moved forward, like other ptc sites, suffering at the hands of the "powers that be" at Paypal. Still Bryan the admin, soldiered on, more ads would appear and payments were being made.

May 02nd 2008 is a day I will always remember because it was the day I was paid by TTG (TaketheGlobe], $10.69, a really nice amount. 24 days later I would get my second payment from the site, a healthy $31.61.

I decided to use the earnings I recieved from TaketheGlobe to upgrade on the site, the risk was low since I wouldn't be any worse off. In fact I should have upgraded from the beginning because it turned out to be the best move I had ever made because my earning doubled.

June was an incredible month for me at TTG, there weren't many members at the site, I was earning good money, for a Paid to Click Site and I was getting paid in my AlertPay Account. 6 Payments if I recall correctly, I decided to take a chance and buy some referrals. Best damn move I made, no, I correct that, joining TaketheGlobe was the best move I had made.

And the rest is history, Referrals were bought and won from TTG, the site moved on to become bigger than ever, and the people that weren't signing up to under a cent were lining up in numbers.

The admin is brilliant on the site, he's on his Forums daily and is always trying to push things.

Over time, as the site has grown, payments are slower to recieve, but it's good to see that the payment queue is moving, some days he'll rip through them, other times, due to problems with the site it's slower.

Overall, everything is going brilliantly at the TaketheGlobe and the admin has bigger plans for the future. This get paid to click ads site has single handedly given me faith in the service and continues to encourage me to invest. For now I've been happy to finally get REAL money from the site when I cashed out a cheque from AlertPay for $427 US Dollars.

With the cash I went crazy and gave money to my family and got rip snortingly drunk. I do look forward to the future with the site, especially my next payment which I will hopefully be able to get by Christmas.

Thanks Bryan of TaketheGlobe, I hope your site continues to thrive in these uncertain times. For now I'll have this as a TaketheGlobe Review.

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SimplicityPTCNetwork said...

Congrats, that's great news. It's a great site, has wonderful potential and will explode in the future.

kiAmz said...

Simply The BEST!
TTG great ptc site ^_^

Jimeous said...

Awesome, thanks for your comments they are much appreciated

prem bajaj said...

you know it that TTg is the grearest scammer still you are insisting it to be a top site please for GOD sake stop misguiding

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